Tips From Naturally Getting Rid Of Spiders In The Home

If you are the type of person who squeals at the sight of a spider, then you may have a fear that you cannot control. While spiders are helpful in controlling the insect populations both inside and outside your home, you may be keen to simply see the spiders disappear for good. If this is true, then there are several pest control methods you can use to boot the arachnids from your home for good.

More Than A Winged Nuisance: Little-Known Health Hazards From Home Bat Infestations

Whether they have decided to roost in your chimney, under your shingles or in a backyard shed, bats are a major nuisance for homeowners. Colonizing species of bats search for dark and quiet places to call their home. It's important to contact a bat removal professional to have them removed promptly, but it's not only because they're loud, smell awful and can cause property damage. Bats nesting in your home can lead to health hazards between the fact that toxic fungus readily grows in their droppings and that they are common carriers of the deadly rabies virus.

Why You Never Have To Worry About True Honey Bees (And How To Remove The Others)

True honey bees are quite particular about where they construct their hives. Food (lots of fresh flowers!) has to be within a five-mile radius of the chosen location for the hive. The hives are built inside dead or dying trees in the wild, while "cultured" bees live in man-made hives in backyards. Since honey bees generally leave people alone and will not bother you, your picnic or barbecue, or sting for no good reason, you should never attempt to remove a honey bee hive if and when you discover one (at least, not on your own!

Tips For Addressing Your Home Mouse Control Failures

If you have a mouse infestation in your home, then you may take certain measures to eradicate the rodents. This is called a pest management plan and may involve a number of different things, like placing traps in your home. However, if you still see evidence of mice, then you may feel as though you are losing the pest control battle. If so, keep reading to learn why. Mice Are Naturally Weary Of Traps

5 Interesting Facts About the Crickets Chirping Outside Your Window at Night

For most homeowners, crickets are—quite simply put—annoying. It's hard to like crickets when they keep you awake with their chirping. Still, crickets are a fascinating insect. Listed below are five interesting facts about those pesky insects in your yard. 1. Some Crickets Are Infected With Parasitic Worms Historically, crickets have been an important food source for people around the globe. But that doesn't mean that you should start collecting the crickets in your yard for a late night snack.